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When you need a lawyer, it can be difficult to know where to go for help you can trust. Most people are not very comfortable dealing with legal issues and lawyers and may try to fix their problems on their own. This is typically not a great solution. Richard G. Rosser at the Rosser Law Firm, PLLC, understands this.

Legal Help For A Variety Of Issues

Richard G. Rosser helps people with a variety of legal services that are frequently the types of cases ordinary folks encounter. He represent clients with cases involving real estate transactions, family law and divorce, civil lawsuits, and estate planning and probate.

A Long History Of Serving Somerville

Richard G. Rosser is a lifelong resident of Somerville, and he knows the people and the community. He has practiced law here since 1979.

Richard’s practice focuses on family law, estate planning, civil litigation and appellate matters, and his more than 40 years of experience means he can provide a knowledgeable analysis of your issue, explain the law that applies and describe the potential outcome for the legal options available.

Richard G. Rosser provides the down-to-earth, practical legal solutions his clients need with a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

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Richard G. Rosser can help you with a wide range of legal matters. To make an appointment call 901-910-1960 (Somerville) or use our online form.